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Our Code of Ethical Conduct

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Integrity Starts at the Top

A Message From David Kohler, Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Kohler Co.

Kohler Co. has experienced continued growth across all parts of the business through the hard work and dedication of our associates around the world. This growth has led to opportunities to navigate increasingly complex environments, including new countries, new cultures, new business models, and new legal and regulatory requirements. These challenges have only increased the necessity to remain focused on staying true to our ethical principles.

At Kohler Co. we have built a foundation of honest and fair behavior and sustained ethical leadership. Upholding this tradition of ethical behavior requires forethought and an unwavering commitment. Guiding the way we act and interact each day is our Code of Ethical Conduct (Code). This Code outlines how we expect our associates to lead with ethics and integrity every day on behalf of Kohler Co. This is an integral part of Leading Boldly and bringing culture to life for all associates.

I deeply appreciate your commitment as every associate is expected to know and abide by this Code and the policies described herein.

Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Kohler Co.


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Mission Statement and Introduction to Our Code

Ethics at Kohler Co.

Standards of Conduct

Reporting Concerns

Fair Employment Practices

Respectful Workplace

Alcohol and Controlled Substances

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