Respectful Workplace

Harassment is any conduct which detrimentally affects a person’s terms or conditions of employment. We will not tolerate any type of harassment in the workplace. The following procedure has been adopted to address complaints of harassment. All associates are encouraged to utilize this procedure in any instance where they believe harassment may be an issue.

1. Statement of Policy
Kohler Co. prohibits harassment on the basis of gender, age, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, disability and other protected characteristics. We are firmly committed to providing a work environment for all associates free of any and all forms of harassment. We believe that such conduct is inappropriate, unfair and unreasonably interferes with associates’ work performance. Because harassment of any kind is detrimental, harassment in the workplace will not be tolerated.

2. Complaint Procedure
If an associate feels that he or she is being subjected to conduct which is harassment or observes conduct directed at another associate which may be harassment, the associate should immediately report such conduct to his or her immediate supervisor. If, for any reason, the associate is uncomfortable reporting such conduct to the immediate supervisor, or the supervisor is the alleged harasser, the associate should then report the conduct to a higher-level manager, the Labor Relations department, the Senior Vice President – Human Resources or the Ethics Helpline at 877-286-7893. (Note: For calls outside the U.S., please add the appropriate country codes into the dialing sequence.)

Kohler Co. views all complaints of harassment as important. All complaints will be promptly, appropriately and fairly investigated. Complaints will remain confidential except to the extent that it becomes necessary to disclose information in order to conduct a complete investigation. During the course of the investigation, Kohler Co. may take interim measures for the purpose of immediate relief from further offending conduct. Upon completion of the investigation, Kohler Co. will take the appropriate remedial measures to end any harassment which is detected. This may include disciplinary action including termination of the harasser. The Company will advise the associate filing the complaint of the results of the investigation as well as any remedial action. This policy further prohibits any form of retaliation or retribution against associates who file harassment complaints. Associates should feel comfortable that they will not be subject to reprisals as a result of filing a harassment complaint. Kohler Co. views retaliatory conduct as equally severe as harassment itself. The Company will deal with such conduct in a similar manner, taking the appropriate remedial measures including discipline of the person engaging in the conduct.

Martin is a database administrator whose desk is near yours. Martin doesn’t talk much about his personal life, but you know Martin and his partner are in a committed relationship. Recently, you overheard a conversation in which Martin asked someone not to make rude comments about his relationship. You also heard that person making more rude comments later, when Martin was not around. As Martin’s colleague, what actions should you take?

Kohler Co. is firmly committed to providing a respectful work environment for all associates free of any and all forms of harassment. When you witness a violation of that respect, it is important to document all the details pertaining to the incident and report the matter to your supervisor, HR representative or the Ethics Helpline.