Water flows down the drain of a KOHLER Artist Edition sink.

Social Media

Kohler Co.’s Commitment

Kohler Co. is committed to increasing its positive impact around the world and expanding awareness of our uniquely designed products and services. Social media activities are one way to achieve these goals. Kohler Co. recognizes that the use of social media allows the Company and associates new ways to collaborate, connect, and share positive stories and news with family, friends, fellow coworkers, and customers.

Our Role

We must comply with our Social Media Policy when using these platforms for business as well as personal purposes if we identify ourselves as Kohler Co. associates or if we are using Kohler Co. equipment or systems. 

In addition, as associates, we:

  • Do not misrepresent ourselves or Kohler Co. or speak on behalf of the Company unless specifically authorized;
  • Never disclose Company, customer, supplier, or associate confidential information; and 
  • Respect all individuals, races, religions, and cultures in support of our diverse and inclusive workplace and avoid posting anything that can be viewed as harassment, bullying, or similar behavior not allowed in the workplace.

The Scenario

Nikola is connected on Facebook with a coworker whose last day with the Company is in a few days. Nikola’s coworker posts on Facebook, “Exciting news! I have accepted a promotional position with another company. Thank you to my Kohler Co. customers for your business throughout the years.” The coworker then lists major customers and thanks them for their specific sales contracts with Kohler Co.

Nikola is unsure if the coworker’s Facebook page is private or public. Is this acceptable and is there anything Nikola should do?

Our Stance

Regardless if a personal social media account is private or public, we are never allowed to share customer confidential information. The release of such information may not only be harmful to the customer but may also pose risk and reputational impact to Kohler Co. Nikola should report this to a manager or supervisor, Human Resources, Legal, Compliance and Ethics, or the Ethics Helpline.