Water flows down the drain of a KOHLER Artist Edition sink.

Accounting and Records

Kohler Co.’s Commitment

Kohler Co. is committed to building trust by maintaining accurate and truthful records for all business dealings. While Kohler Co. is a privately held company and may not share financial information with the public, Kohler Co. does regularly provide financial information to shareholders, auditors, and regulators. When information is provided, Kohler Co. is candid, complete, and truthful. 

But building trust requires more than just communications—it also includes behaviors. Kohler Co. expects associates to always behave in a manner consistent with our high ethical standards. With that in mind, Kohler Co. associates maintain accurate and timely reporting and management of our financial transactions and other financial and Company records, such as contracts and employment agreements.  

Our Role

As associates, we uphold our commitment to building trust by ensuring:

  • Company money and other assets are used appropriately, for documented business purposes, and never taken without authorization;
  • Transactional and operational records are accurate and comply with legal, regulatory, and Company record-keeping requirements;
  • Business is conducted only with entities who engage in legitimate business practices;
  • Financial transactions follow established processes to ensure control, cost efficiency, and global standardization; and
  • No individual associate has sole control over the life cycle of a transaction, and critical tasks have shared responsibilities.

As associates, we maintain the integrity of our books, records, and all reports and documents that detail our business and Company operations.