Accepting the challenge.

Brian Benson, Senior Director – Global Vitreous Operations, Brownwood, Texas

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For Brian Benson, the results of his annual workplace health assessment were no surprise. As a casual runner and generally healthy guy, he knew he’d score okay … but he was ready to take it up a notch.

“To my surprise, the assessment recommended that I start lifting weights in addition to my running,” said Brian. “It ended up being a game changer for me because I was able to lose 20 pounds that I was not able to lose with simple cardio alone.”

The effect snowballed. Brian started to feel better and have more energy, which led to better running performance. He started setting more aggressive running goals; he won a local 5K race last year and is on track to run 600 miles this year—including participating in Kohler’s 2020 Run for Safe Water.

Each year, Kohler’s wellness program offers associates health assessments, fitness challenges, tips for healthy eating and advice on regular wellness checks. According to Brian, this simple framework and ample resources provided just the motivation he needed to push himself.

“The wellness team provides a great framework on how to take better care of yourself,” he explained. “This was something I was not doing previously, so I really appreciate Kohler setting up a program like this to motivate me.”

Getting in better shape has allowed Brian to keep up with his 12-year-old twins and their various sports and activities. Being active also helps him meet the physical challenges of the busy travel schedule that comes with his role.

“When I first joined Kohler’s wellness program, I didn’t realize it would make such a large impact on my overall health and fitness,” he added. “They helped me build a routine I could stick to, and I’ve been able to meet the wellness goals I have set for myself.”

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