Uniting for Global Hand Hygiene

Photo courtesy of Water Mission

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Global Handwashing Day is always a day of optimism at Kohler. We are inspired by the efforts of so many organizations that are raising awareness regarding the health benefits of hand hygiene and working to solve the lack of access to basic handwashing 2.3 billion people currently experience.

We believe the KOHLER Cleanse® handwashing faucet, part of our Innovation for Good® WaSH product portfolio, is one solution that can make a difference. In alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goal 6: Clean Water & Sanitation, we’re developing strategic partnerships around the world to bring scalable, sustainable solutions to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene challenges.

Our commitment to hand hygiene and well-being drives development of innovative touchless faucets for our customers as well as hygiene-improvement projects in our own communities and around the world. No matter the community served or the solution provided, access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene helps safeguard everyone’s health. Here’s to clean hands within everyone’s reach!

Let's Do Good Together

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I-Prize Winner in Market

See how an associate blue sky idea goes from pitch, to incubation, to market with Innovation for Good.

KOHLER Cleanse®

Putting health and hygiene into the hands of those around the world who lack access to handwashing facilities.

Clean Hands for Reynosa

It’s amazing what good we can do when we empower associates to make a difference. Alerted to the need for a hand hygiene solution in a nearby village, a team from our Reynosa, Mexico, manufacturing site worked with the community to remedy the issue.

Handwashing Facts

Around the world, 2.3 billion people do not have access at home to basic handwashing facilities with water and soap, including 670 million without access to any facilities at all.

Bringing Health and Hygiene to the Western Navajo Fair

On the Navajo Nation, Kohler’s partnership with DigDeep makes a big difference for hand hygiene at the Western Navajo Fairgrounds.

Instilling Healthy WaSH Habits at Schools in China

In LiJiaPing Village in China, WaSH education begins early. Kohler and MyH2O partner to raise awareness and provide hygiene solutions in schools.

Creating a Chain Reaction for Hand Hygiene in Honduras

Handwashing and healthy latrines go together in Honduras, where Kohler and Water Mission’s partnership helps latrine owners share hygiene access with their communities.

Handwashing and Hospitality Go Hand in Hand

Whether practicing good hospitality hygiene or combatting Covid-19, Kohler’s Food and Beverage Business understands the importance of handwashing access.

You Can Make an Impact

Support Safe Water for All efforts around the world with a donation to one of our partners.

Our Progress Toward Better: Kohler's 2022 Believing in Better® Report

In our journey to better, we use Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria as a framework to transparently report against our goals and progress while ensuring the actions we take are embedded in our business strategy and operations.

Impactful Initiatives

Kohler seeks to make a positive impact through programs that are driven by clean water and sanitation.

Innovation for Good®

Kohler harnesses the expertise of its global associates to generate solutions for the world’s most pressing challenges through Innovation for Good. This initiative develops products and solutions for pressing global social and environmental issues, plus works with partners to test and implement innovations at-scale. Photo courtesy of Water Mission.

Safe Water for All

Kohler’s Safe Water for All initiative enables solutions around water, sanitation, and hygiene access through four pillars: water stewardship, innovative products, water impact projects, and advocacy and fundraising. Kohler’s work with partners elevates each pillar to deliver solutions directly to communities. Photo courtesy of Water Mission.

Let's Do Good Together

Curious about our Innovation for Good program and products?

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