Safe Water for All.

Water is at the heart of all we do. Safe water is critical to daily life, not only for drinking, but for hand-washing and overall health.

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According to the United Nations, over the past two decades, the planet's combined supplies of surface water, ground water, and water found in soil, snow, and ice have declined by 0.4 inches. Mexico, India, and the U.S. are three examples of countries recently experiencing a rapid depletion of groundwater and Europe’s "new normal" is climate-driven drought. Globally adding to this crisis, more than 2 billion people live without access to safe water, more than 4 billion people live without safe sanitation, and 3 billion people live without access to basic handwashing at home. This water crisis is unacceptable. Nevertheless, change is happening. At Kohler, we’re taking action to conserve this natural resource and make safe water and sanitation a reality.

Our flagship initiative, Safe Water for All, leverages Kohler’s strength and expertise, as well as the passion and talent of our associates to help underserved populations around the world in four focus areas: water stewardship, products, impact projects, and advocacy. In 2021 alone, we impacted more than 305,000 lives around the world through Safe Water for All and have impacted more than 1.8 million lives since 2014.

As a part of this initiative, we partner with humanitarian organizations such as DigDeep, Water Mission, and World Vision to develop and fund customized solutions that meet the unique needs of communities around the globe.

Together we can make safe water for all a reality.

World Toilet Day Q&A

In Nairobi’s informal settlements, Kohler and Sanergy’s container-based sanitation solution is changing lives. Sanergy’s cofounder and members of Kohler’s Innovation for Good® team discuss the human-centered design approach that made their collaboration a success.

Global Handwashing Day

Although the pandemic heightened our appreciation of the ability of something as simple as soap and water to prevent COVID-19, access to handwashing is a crucial tool to fighting deadly diseases, all over the world.

Bringing Innovations to Communities That Need Them Most

At Kohler, we prioritize innovation to address global, social, and environmental challenges around water. Solutions to the global water crisis go hand in hand through strategic, on-the-ground partnerships to impact at scale.

Our Progress Toward Better: Kohler's 2021 Believing in Better® ESG Report

In our journey to better, we use Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria as a framework to transparently report against our goals and progress while ensuring the actions we take are embedded in our business strategy and operations. The report was prepared with reference to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards.

Step into action.

Associates and individuals worldwide are logging miles to raise awareness and funds for communities living without access to safe water.

Sustainable water solutions begin with the community.

Kohler associates use their water expertise to help solve the lack of access to clean, safe water for Canada’s Indigenous communities.  

Why design can (and must) save the world.

Meaningful change for the environment requires new ways of thinking, making, and living. Design opens the door to possibility.

Our commitment to safe water.

We’re using our water expertise to develop safe water, sanitation, and handwashing solutions, and as a result, the lives of over 900,000 people have been positively impacted.

You can make an impact.

Support Safe Water for All efforts around the world with a donation to one of our partners.

Pumping water for refugees.

Partnering with Water Mission, Kohler installed our KOHLER-SDMO generators to power water treatment systems in Tanzania’s Nyarugusu refugee camp.

Water Stories: Dattamaya

At 23 years old, Dattamaya from the community of Shivgarh Tanda in India exemplifies the possibilities that access to water provides.

Dattamaya’s story.

Learn how 23-year-old Dattamaya has been able to refocus energy on running her grinding mill business after gaining reliable access to safe water with the installation of a reverse-osmosis kiosk in her small village in India.

Taking a cue from the UN.

Kohler has aligned its safe water efforts, both our business strategy and project pipeline, with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Amishaben's story.

Hear from 11-year-old Amishaben how Kohler and our humanitarian partners helped bring safe water to daily life in her small village in India.

Safe Water for All exhibit.

Housed at Kohler Design Center in Kohler, Wisconsin, the exhibit documents life without safe water and the actions we’re taking to help solve the crisis.

Spreading the word.

Access to safe water has finally arrived in Rekhaben’s Indian village, and she’s sharing information about the benefits of safe water with local families.

Innovative solutions for accessible handwashing.

Passionate associates are advancing innovative handwashing solutions for people in need.

Training Canada’s future water keepers.

Kohler’s Safe Water for All initiative helps fund the Water First Internship Program.

Kohler sponsors Global Water Discovery Center.

Inspiring the next generation of water activists.

Navajo Nation’s Water Lady.

With 250 households depending on her for their meager monthly water supply, Darlene Arviso, affectionately known as the “Water Lady,” is passionate about helping her community.

Water Solutions on the Navajo Nation.

We're partnering with DigDeep to launch the Water Is Life microgrant program, a multiyear innovation and training program that will fund water and sanitation initiatives on the Navajo Nation. Photo courtesy of DigDeep

Navajo Water Warrior Emma Robbins.

Emma Robbins grew up seeing her grandparents and her Navajo community struggle to live without access to safe water. Today she leads DigDeep's Navajo Water Project, bringing safe water to the Navajo Nation. Photo courtesy of DigDeep

Water Stories: Shanna.

A Navajo woman, mother, and manager of DigDeep's Navajo Water Project, Shanna shares her day-to-day experience raising a family on the Navajo Nation without running water at home. 

United for safe water.

Kohler rallies Manchester United fans to support its United for Safe Water campaign.

Safe Water for All

Manchester United players are raising their voices in support of Safe Water for All. Players share their thoughts on the global water crisis.

Bringing safe water to school.

Stewardship, product, and design teams collaborate to transform a primary school space in China into a safe water and sanitation facility for young students.

Innovative solution to address global sanitation gaps.

Partnering with Sanergy, a Nairobi-based organization focused on sustainable solutions for nonsewered sanitation, Kohler is developing a container-based sanitation (CBS) option for people living without access to safe sanitation systems.

Explore more about the Water is Life Fund, a microgrant program with DigDeep, and its recipients.

Kohler associate passion.

Associate Vipin Kumar is dedicated to impacting communities throughout India by finding safe water and sanitation solutions for local villages.

The 50-liter home.

Fourteen of 20 of the world’s largest cities are experiencing water scarcity. Find out how Kohler and the 50L Home Coalition are working toward a more water-resilient future.

Water may be life, but it is never a given.

Discover how Kohler and DigDeep’s microgrant program is bringing safe water to the Navajo Nation in our latest Sustainable Brands article.

Water Innovation: A conversation with Fast Company.

Fast Company takes a look inside Kohler’s push to provide safe water with Laura Kohler, Senior Vice President – HR, Stewardship, and Sustainability.

Safe showers too.

Unhoused individuals and families have been hit extra hard by the pandemic. We’ve mobilized our KOHLER Relief Shower Trailer to help bring safe showers to L.A.’s unhoused. 

WaterSense® for smart saving.

Water-efficient products have an enormous role to play in the fight for safe water. We’re designing products that don't just look beautiful, but also use significantly less water.

Communities impacted by safe water efforts.

Working with humanitarian organizations around the world, Kohler is helping to bring access to safe water and sanitation to communities living with water scarcity, ineffective infrastructures, or the effects of displacement. 

“I believe it is our responsibility to use our talent, capability, resources, and products to make our world better.”

—Laura Kohler, Senior Vice President – HR, Stewardship, and Sustainability

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