Safe water for all.

Empowering women and girls with safe water.

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Water is at the heart of all we do. Our products. Our company. Our customers’ lives and our own. We understand just how crucial safe water is to daily life. And the fact that one-third of the world’s population lives without it is unacceptable.

Women and girls quite literally carry the bulk of this burden. Hundreds of thousands walk miles to collect water not only to drink, but to cook, bathe, wash dishes and clothing. The time devoted to collecting water and time lost to waterborne illness means they often miss work and school as a result. We’re working with humanitarian partners to help change that, empowering one woman, one girl at a time through Safe Water for All.

The facts about women and water.

Children miss 443 million school days every year because of water collection tasks or waterborne illness.

Together, women and girls around the world spend 200 million hours each day collecting and carrying water.

On average, women and girls across the globe walk 6km every day to get water that often isn’t safe.

Our commitment to safe water.

We are using our water expertise and partnering with humanitarian organizations to help bring safe water and sanitation to communities everywhere—900,000 people impacted and counting.

Amishaben's story.

Hear from 11-year-old Amishaben how important safe water is to daily life in her small village in India.

Spreading the word about safe water.

Access to safe water has finally arrived in Rekhaben’s Indian village, and she’s spreading the news.

You can make an impact through our partnerships.

Support Safe Water for All efforts around the world with a donation.

Support World Vision’s safe water and sanitation efforts in places like the U.S. and India.

Support Water Mission’s safe water and sanitation efforts in places like the U.S., Peru and Uganda.

Communities impacted by Safe Water efforts.

Working with humanitarian organizations around the world, Kohler is helping to bring access to safe water and sanitation to communities living with water scarcity, ineffective infrastructures or the effects of displacement. 

Applying our expertise.

Innovative products. Collaborative partnerships. Water impact projects.

Innovating for the greater good.

Kohler engineer James Bourne took the “I-Prize” for designing a new handwashing solution for the developing world.

Running with purpose.

Associates worldwide are logging miles to raise awareness and funds for communities living without access to safe water.

WaterSense® for smart saving.

We’re designing products that don't just look beautiful, but also use significantly less water.

Aligned with the SDGs

Kohler has aligned its safe water efforts, both our business strategy and project pipeline, with Sustainable Development Goal 6 to help solve this global issue.

Believing in Better: 2019 Metrics

Take a look at our 2019 numbers and follow our progress toward better.

Delivering safe water—one village at a time.

Vipin Kumar is dedicated to impacting communities throughout India.

"My goal is to empower women and girls through safe water and sanitation."

—Laura Kohler, SVP HR, Stewardship & Sustainability

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