Creating a Chain Reaction for Hand Hygiene in Honduras

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Deep in the mountains of northern Honduras lies the community of El Carrizal, home to a geographically dispersed population of 1,200 people. Kohler is proud to have partnered with Water Mission to install over 120 sanitation solutions—known as Healthy Latrines—in El Carrizal since 2020, each complete with a KOHLER® pour-flush toilet. Yet, the ability to wash hands after using the latrine is equally important as access to a toilet. That’s why each brightly colored latrine is paired with a covered sink with running water for proper hygiene.

Natanael Aguilar Benitez, a person with Down syndrome living independently in El Carrizal, is the proud owner of his own Healthy Latrine near his small house. He happily shares his latrine with any neighbor who does not yet have one. Neighbor children help themselves to his sink to wash hands, allowing them to safely play outside with their friends without spreading germs. 

Solutions like the Healthy Latrine can create a ripple effect for hand hygiene. Kohler’s partnership enabled Water Mission to serve Natanael and over 100 other families in El Carrizal. In turn, Natanael has served his neighbors. Global Handwashing Day, we are proud to highlight Natanael’s story as an example of the kind of chain reaction that even the smallest action can create.

Photos courtesy of Water Mission

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