We are committed to leaving the world a better place than we found it and are working toward net zero environmental impact by 2035. For us, this means reducing or offsetting all greenhouse gas emissions and sending zero solid waste to landfill; developing innovative energy- and water-saving products; and encouraging people to take action.

Two employees from Kohler WasteLAB push a cart with five-gallon buckets of manufacturing waste that will be reused

What if we didn’t see waste as waste?

Inspired by the principles of biomimicry, Kohler associates passionate about the environment and determined to make a difference developed the WasteLAB, an incubator that finds new uses for manufacturing waste.

Kohler Living - Celebrating Bold Minds & Inspiring Designs

Kohler Living is now available for on-demand viewing. Explore all of our inspiring sessions below, including new product introductions, discussions with industry experts and featured conversations.

A broad landscape shot of windmills in farm fields with a truck driving by

Investing in Renewable Energy

We are reducing our carbon footprint by partnering with Enel Green Power. Our investment in renewable energy with Enel reduces our greenhouse gas emissions footprint by 26 percent. We’re proud to be working toward a better planet with like-minded brands.

Two KOHLER employees with safety glasses look up at a system designed to capture manufacturing waste

Can we be transparent for a moment?

Kohler's Environmental Product Declarations.

A white and gray bathroom with a KOHLER pedestal sink, toilet, bath, and faucets

What’s in your tub? Toilet? Sink?

Press release announcing an expansion of available EPDS.

Two Kohler Co. employees in business casual clothes sit at desk in an office discussing sustainable design

Form follows function. And the environment.

So much goes into designing products that live up to Kohler’s level of quality and design, including understanding the impact a product will have on the environment throughout its life cycle.

An aerial view of rows of solar panels next to a field, trees, and a factory

Harnessing the power of the sun.

Solar panels power Kohler around the world.

Three Kohler Co. employees work in a sustainability plant, testing toilets

Frontline associates do sustainability.

Sustainability workshops at the plant.

Believing in Better® Impact Reports

Believing in Better is our commitment to creating positive change for our planet, our communities, and the lives we touch. Take a look at our 2020 progress toward better.

A Kohler Co. employee stands at a table in a conference room discussing sustainability with others. Creative tools including Play-Doh and markers are on the table

Explore sustainability at Kohler.

Our sustainability strategy, properly conceived and executed, should not be about compromise or massive tradeoffs. We believe it should be a win for the consumer, the associate, the environment and the company. — David Kohler, President and Chief Executive Officer