Product innovation.

Designing for the environment.

Just how complicated can making a toilet be? And let’s make it a water-saving, uberclean toilet to boot. Turns out it’s a delicate balancing act–perfect for Senior Engineer Dan Halloran.

“Game changer” engine offers flexibility.

The KDI engine garnered excitement around the world when it was first launched.

Can we be transparent for a moment?

Wouldn’t you like to know just what’s in every item you bring into your house? Well, we can get you started with our Environmental Product Declarations.

Making more with less in the UK.

The portable Vario 2500 generator can spend a lifetime providing power in times of emergency outages or just when you choose to be off the grid, then be almost fully transformed into raw materials.

Green products deserve green packaging.

Looking at the life cycle of a product early in the design process is essential to reaching our net positive goal. But it doesn’t stop there.

The secret to toilet efficiency.

It takes a lot of tinkering to create a toilet that flushes with just one gallon of water. Luckily, tinkering is within Engineer Dan Halloran’s wheelhouse.

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