Four teenagers with t-shirts that say Skilled Trades U work on a project at Kohler


We believe education is the key to a bright future for the next generation. From activities for kindergarten-age children to apprenticeship programs and scholarships, we provide financial support and hands-on experiences to help students pursue their passions.

A teenage boy, part of Kohler Co.'s Skilled Trades program for high school students, uses a hand drill as another teenage boy and an adult look on

Skilled trades revolution.

We’re building the next generation of manufacturers. That's why Kohler launched Skilled Trades U, a program for high school students to get hands-on experience and learn about skilled trades as a career path.

A University of Wisconsin-Madison biomedical engineering student looks at a screen in the Kohler Innovation Visualization Studio

Inspiring a new generation of innovators.

From manufacturing to biomedical engineering, advanced technologies play a crucial role in the future. Kohler is committed to providing opportunities for students to experience these innovative technologies firsthand.

Three kids and an adult gather around a table during a LEGO Robotics competition

Mentoring the future.

What do kids in Kohler, Wisconsin, and in Reggio Emilia, Italy, have in common? Many of them share a serious enthusiasm for STEM competitions and have the opportunity to be mentored by Kohler associates.

Engineer Megan Kennedy-Pierce and another Kohler Co. employee kneel on the floor by a robot they're helping build as volunteers of a Sheboygan-area robotics club

Inspiring the next crop of engineers.

When your passion becomes your work, you want to share the joy. Engineer Megan Kennedy-Pierce hopes to pass the “engineering bug” to her mentees.

15 children sit around a big table eating with colorful paintings on the wall behind them

Childcare on the move.

In areas where a migrant workforce is frequently on the move, consistent childcare and education are truly hard to come by. Mobile Creches throughout India offer a viable solution.

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