Childcare on the move.

Mobile childcare provides stability to India's youth.

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A loud, dusty construction site was the backdrop for the first Mobile Creches in Delhi. A small group of volunteers gathered a few toys and a tent to care for the children of the migrant workers on the site. Four decades later, Mobile Creches now provide education, health, nutrition and hygiene services to marginalized children and adults across India.

"Construction workers don't stay in one place very long, and care is a critical need," said Freny Tarabore, president of Tara Mobile Creches in Pune. "If we didn't exist, older girls would be forced to take care of their younger siblings and would miss out on their education."

Children of the 100 million migrant workers in India often miss immunizations, growth monitoring and regular checkups. The risks for malnutrition, illness, disease and death are high. As part of an ongoing partnership with Mobile Creches, Kohler India associates provide children and caregivers with health, education and nutrition resources.

"These children have so little," said Ritu Gupta, shown at left, Assistant Manager – HR, C&B, India Corporate Services. "I see children like my three-year-old who don't have enough to eat while my son gets to eat as much as he wants. We have so much to contribute to society."

Beyond basic care, children at the Mobile Creches are taught life skills and provided with personal growth opportunities. “We create a thematic curriculum starting with the village where they came from," said Rilakynti Kharwanlang, Deputy Manager - Day Care. "We teach them what it's like on the construction site, what a family is, how to take care of themselves. We also offer a Parent Development Program to educate them on how best to care for their children."


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