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Sponsoring advanced technology education.

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From manufacturing to biomedical engineering, advanced technologies play a crucial role in the future. Kohler is committed to providing opportunities for students to experience these innovative technologies firsthand.

Thanks to a partnership with Kohler, University of Wisconsin-Madison biomedical engineering students can virtually walk around inside the human body to design replacement parts. One element of the Kohler Innovation Visualization Studio allows undergraduate students to virtually recreate computerized axial tomography, commonly known as CT scans, to develop the next generation of joint replacement or bone implant technology. But it isn’t biomedical engineering that connects Kohler to the UW-Madison College of Engineering, it’s what virtual reality and data technology modeling mean for the future of any company trying to succeed in a technology-driven world. According to UW-Madison Dean of the College of Engineering Ian Robertson, companies want graduates who have learned multiple disciplines and know how to use, visualize and make decisions based on data science.

“Kohler's sponsorship of this visualization capability reflects our commitment to supporting leading academic institutions to drive innovation in the way they teach and what they teach,” said Cynthia Bachmann, Vice President of fixtures engineering for Kohler. “We recognize how critical it is for students to develop and use innovative thinking to create new products and technologies that address real world challenges.”

In addition, Kohler is helping to train the next generation of advanced manufacturers and engineers by supporting local high schools and technical colleges.

The goal of the KOHLER Center for Manufacturing Excellence at Lakeshore Technical College, about 15 miles north of Kohler, is to develop an educated, skilled, trained and certified advanced manufacturing workforce for local employers.

By combining state-of-the-art facilities and equipment with hands-on instruction from experienced faculty, this world-class center prepares students for high-demand manufacturing careers. The Kohler/Johnsonville Advanced Technology Centers are a collaborative effort between local manufacturing companies, the school district and Lakeshore Technical College to evolve high school technical education curriculum.

When the school district was denied a federal grant to fund the technology centers, local businesses stepped up to support the project financially. Manufacturers in Sheboygan County collectively spend millions of dollars each year in training new personnel. Investing in educating at the high school and college level allows students to graduate with a high level of technical skill.


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