India teams help with hygiene essentials.

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As so many of us have experienced, in a global pandemic, access to essential supplies can be difficult to track down. Understanding this burden, the Kohler team in India rallied to help distribute hygiene relief kits to 5,000 residents living in villages near our production facilities in Pune, Jhagadia, Alwar and Aurangabad.

Each hygiene relief kit provided essential items including soap for hand washing and bathing, clothing detergent and protective handkerchief masks. Kits are accompanied by a COVID-19 relief pamphlet explaining precautions such as disinfecting surfaces and hand washing to help protect against the COVID-19 virus.

The importance of the ongoing Safe Water for All initiatives spearheaded by our India Stewardship teams has become even more evident as the pandemic unfolds. Working with NGO partners, our associates have installed reverse osmosis kiosks in several local villages, handwashing stations in schools, and toilets in both schools and homes. These efforts, along with the distribution of hygiene kits, are helping to empower communities that are often at greater risk because they lack safe water and sanitation.

“The initiative our associates and Stewardship team took to make these efforts possible during this difficult time by donating materials for the kits themselves as well as teaming up with our NGO partners including Habitat for Humanity and Concern India Foundation was truly inspiring,” said Vipin Kumar, Associate Director – Human Resources. “The hygiene kits were well received, and recipients commended Kohler Co. for always coming forward and support their communities.”