A workplace that works for you.

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A global pandemic has turned our world upside down—accelerating market trends, driving new routines, and uncovering opportunities for collaboration. It’s changed how we work and where we work, forever. And we think that’s a good thing.

Inspired by the remarkable adaptability of our associates, and with our continued desire to provide an inclusive and inspiring workplace, Kohler has redefined how we can tailor our work modes to maximize collaboration to achieve greater levels of efficiency and innovation—all to continue to delight our global customers. We’ve learned that with the best people, culture, and systems in place, we can cultivate effective partnerships across the table or across the globe. And we’ve reaffirmed that updating the way we do business is an important part of driving growth, inclusivity, and innovation.

We are proud to offer flexible work options with so many benefits for our associates and the organization. Flexible work is designed to empower our associates and teams with new and better ways of collaborating—creating a fusion between work and life that works for them. Flexible work engages our teams and enhances productivity. It helps us attract the best talent and support the needs of our current associates. It means more customized schedules and less wasted time, stronger collaboration and fewer missed opportunities, and improved business results without sacrificing the people and passions that fulfill us all outside the office. It’s a win-win-win!

Together, our leadership teams have designed three work modes:

  • On-site associates
    work exclusively at one of our Kohler locations—whether it be at a manufacturing site, an office, or one of our KOHLER® Signature Stores. This work mode is best for highly collaborative roles or ones that require access to specialized on-site equipment, products, or processes. 
  • Hybrid associates
    split their efforts between on-site and remote work locations, based intentionally on optimizing collaboration among a work team, while balancing the need for individually focused efforts which flex depending on the work at hand.
  • Remote associates
    are based in home-office settings, with sporadic travel to a Kohler facility as necessary. This work mode is best for roles that thrive on individualized focus and little distraction, and rarely require access to specialized on-site equipment.

Kohler job opportunities posted on our Careers website have been defined within a work mode.  

Our culture at Kohler is defined by our tenacity, perseverance, and entrepreneurial spirit. It’s what drives us to challenge old ways of thinking, explore the possibilities, and define our future. As our home and work lives continue to evolve, a flexible workplace will allow us to adapt to our customers’ and associates’ evolving needs, so we can all grow stronger together.  It’s a workplace that works—for you, your family, and your lifestyle.

Our commitment to safety.

As we continue to navigate the pandemic, we have taken thoughtful action to help safeguard our associates, company, and communities from COVID-19. Partnering with humanitarian partners around the world, we’re taking a customized approach to connect people with the resources they need at a local level.

In this ongoing effort, we continue to adhere to and enforce all current CDC guidelines on masking, social distancing, testing, quarantine periods, and other safety protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

For 148 years, Kohler Co. has been a forward-thinking, innovative, and resilient company that has adapted to many crises—and at every turn, our associates have rallied to carry us through such adversity.

Together, we are #KohlerStrong.

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