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Meaningful career growth.

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As a Kohler associate, you are encouraged to define the career path you want and drive it. Our laser focus on talent and culture is the life force of our company, and we believe every associate deserves a great manager (a talent champion ) – one that focuses on your success. Why? Because we know that you’re an essential part of our continued growth and success. We look at career progression holistically, meaning we offer you the kind of experiences you need to grow your career through on-the-job training, coaching and mentorship programs. Whether you aspire to greater roles of increasing responsibility or you want to hone your skills as a subject-matter expert, there are many opportunities for you to grow, evolve and succeed within our diverse and global businesses.


Go-getter, goal-setter.

Jerome Ahmad, Industrial Castings - Production Team Leader, Kohler, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

“My proudest achievement at work is the next completed challenge,” said Jerome Ahmad, 23-year Kohler veteran who has steadily risen in the ranks by taking on new and unique roles.

No stopping now.

Shubhika Rana, Human Resources - Deputy Manager, India

Following her own unique path to achieve her career goals, Shubhika Rana, HR deputy manager for Kohler India, shares a day in her life at Kohler.

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