Customer Service

Brand ambassadors on a mission to serve.

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It takes the tenacity and know-how of a team of highly trained individuals to serve as the all-important link between our products and customers. Providing a gracious experience for our customers is all about building a positive connection, resulting in a sense of loyalty that only intensifies over time.

Our customer service professionals are uniquely suited and well equipped to provide the highest level of service, all while bringing gracious living to life each and every day.

It’s your story. Where will it take you?
Opportunities within customer service include positions in the Customer Care Center and the business-to-business department. In addition, there is the potential to take on greater levels of scope and responsibility in various leadership or supervisory roles.


How May We Help You?

How may we help you?

Customer Service Associates, Customer Service, Kohler, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Adam Braunel, Customer Service – Supervisor Customer Care, at Kohler Co. works at a cubicle talking to a customer via his headset

Putting the care in our customer care.

Adam Braunel, Customer Service - Supervisor Customer Care, Kohler, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

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