A well workplace worthy of accolades.

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At Kohler Co., we believe happy, healthy associates and their families make stronger, healthier communities, and the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA), a leader for workplace wellness, couldn’t agree more.

WELCOA, one of the nation’s premier resources helping to build top-performing, healthy workplaces, has awarded Kohler its highest honor as part of its 2020 Well Workplace Awards. Of the 16 businesses and organizations recognized, Kohler was one of three to receive a Platinum distinction for meeting a rigid set of workplace wellness criteria.

According to WELCOA,  what set Kohler apart from other applicants was our ability to not only deliver a comprehensive wellness program tied to the strategic goals of the business, but how our one-size-doesn’t-fit-all approach to well-being supports and allows all associates to thrive. Kohler’s four dimensions of well-being—physical health, mental & emotional, financial, and meaning & purpose—provide associates with the opportunity to choose what’s most meaningful. As part of Kohler’s application, WELCOA was impressed by Kohler’s diverse range of well-minded employee opportunities from Business Resource Groups and Stewardship outreach to Sustainability and Safe Water for All initiatives, together working to create an environment where associates rally behind what matters most to them.

And what matters to associates is supported by Kohler Co. Here’s just a few experiences that keep associates well—mind, body and spirit:    

“As member of the Wellness Committee at Kohler, I find it allows me to be who I am. Wellness is such a big part of my life with having to overcome multiple food sensitivities for myself and my youngest child. I am happy to be part of a group where I can share my experiences but also learn from others.”  Amy

“I’m thankful that my mental and physical wellbeing has been a priority for Kohler. I feel valued as a person not just an employee.”   Anonymous


“Kohler Co. partners to provide 1:1 Financial Planning Services for associates. Coming to the workplace is a convenient way to help us prepare for retirement and overall knowledge.”  Anonymous


“Being a part of BRGs at Kohler has given me a sense of belonging.” – Megan


“Our charitable work gives my work at Kohler meaning in a way which would never be possible without our Business Resource Group.” – Adam 


“By participating in Kohler’s wellbeing challenges, I’m becoming stronger in body while also increasing my quality family time!” – Amber

Tools available through Kohler and Voya Financial give me peace of mind in my family’s financial stability. I was able to take time with my family and enjoy a much-needed vacation. —Casey
I started participating in Kohler’s wellness challenge and now I’m averaging 15,000 steps a day. I’m down 20 pounds and feel more energetic and motivated to continue my wellbeing journey. — Emmanuel
Work feels meaningful and impactful here. Thank you, Kohler, for providing this healthy environment for us to grow and become champions for humanity. — Sarah

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