A tradeshow display that says KOHLER Konnect includes a shower, a toilet, a bath, and plants

A lab for the future.

Kohler’s Internet of Things Lab

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Who knew you needed a bathroom mirror that can turn on your lights, start your shower or warm your toilet seat? Well, a pretty smart group of Kohler associates did.

Working in an unassuming space beneath a nine-decade-old building steeped in Kohler history, our product development teams imagine the next exciting intersection between kitchen and bath products and highly advanced technology. The cutting-edge Internet of Things Lab serves as the design and testing ground for our collection of smart kitchen and bath products based on the KOHLER® Konnect platform.

Smart home technology is transforming how we live, including how we interact—yes, interact—with our kitchens and bathrooms. Our new product development teams in both China and the United States are busy researching, testing and connecting our smartphones and voice-controlled devices with our fixtures and faucets.

We debuted our KOHLER Konnect™ technology with the Verdera® Voice lighted mirror at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, and more connected products, such as intelligent toilets, bathtubs and faucets, are in the pipeline. The “Hey, Alexa, turn lights to makeup mode” future is here.


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