Eric Schnabel

Vice President – Strategic Brand Communications

Eric Schnabel is Vice President – Strategic Brand Communications for Kohler Co. He provides strategic brand leadership for the company’s global Kitchen & Bath, Power, and Hospitality business groups, and oversees the Corporate Communications functions both internally and externally. He leads brand strategy, unique creative content, and breakthrough communications partnerships.  Additional responsibilities include direct-to-consumer, media innovation and tactics, and leveraging capabilities in digital media.

Schnabel joined Kohler Co. in 2022, coming from Facebook, where he spent 10 years as the co-founder and leader of its in-house Facebook Creative Shop. Prior to that, he worked at agencies for 17 years, including Leo Burnett, Fallon Worldwide and Edelman.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Marquette University. Outside of work, Schnabel serves on the Board of Directors for Free Spirit Media, Chicago, providing emerging creators from diverse backgrounds a comprehensive foundation in media literacy and hands-on media production experience.