Wellness that works.

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Caring for ourselves is the first step in caring for those around us. It’s easy to lose sight of our own needs with so many around us affected in some way by COVID-19. Our wellness team is taking steps to foster a culture of wellness and ensure people have the resources and support they need to be their best during this chaotic time.

The team has ramped up virtual efforts within the existing associate well-being program. Immune boosting nutrition tips are now offered through several online resources to fuel associates, and a new global fitness app was released to make it easy for associates to work out at home. The team is also hosting virtual “coffee talks” for associates to focus on topics like nutritional, financial and emotional health.

“Supporting associates’ mental health is one of our biggest priorities,” said Julie Lyons, Wellness Manager. “We are focusing our efforts on breaking the stigma and sharing information, trainings and resources to support mental health.”

For our well-being community, Destination Kohler’s fitness instructors quickly moved classes to social media platforms, with virtual fitness options from Yoga on the Lake and Sports Core readily available on Instagram Live, Facebook or YouTube. These resources are being shared throughout Kohler’s global network as a way to support customers during this time.

“These virtual classes are allowing our wellness community to do what we do best—connect,” said Kristie Splivalo, Studio Manager of Yoga on the Lake. “They are providing a much-needed sense of normalcy for both our community and our teachers.” 

If someone needs some additional gear at home, both Sports Core and Bold Cycle are renting and even selling equipment including weights and exercise mats. And for community members who want to keep up with healthy eating, Press & Chill now has curbside delivery.

But the biggest boost to well-being in the weeks and months ahead may come from being part of a welcoming and caring community, part of something bigger than ourselves. “I have been so impressed with how our associates are coming together during this time,” stated Lyons. “Across the globe, Kohler is really uniting under a common purpose to help each other and the communities we serve. We truly are stronger together.”