Partners in purpose.

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Conventional wisdom has it that we can go further when we go together. That certainly has been Kohler’s experience when it comes to Believing in Better®, our social impact platform. Often the impact we’re able to have stems from combining Kohler design innovation and manufacturing skills with the expertise of humanitarian partners. Like so many companies and organizations, we may have temporarily shifted our focus during the COVID-19 global crisis to supplying PPE to healthcare workers and helping those affected by the virus, but our belief in the power of partnerships has not changed.

Our partnership programs empower our associates to donate directly to our nonprofit partners including World Vision, Water Mission, United Way and Operation Blessing, and to support COVID-19 efforts around the world. As a company, we are always inspired by our associates’ desire to help, so we’re matching their donations.

Kohler teams across the world are working with their local nonprofit to support individuals and families affected by COVID-19. In rural India, where access to water and adequate hygiene is often in short supply, we’ve partnered with Habitat for Humanity to provide critically needed Hygiene Relief Kits to 5,000 village residents near Kohler facilities.

In the U.S., we’re working with local United Way chapters and connecting associates with volunteer opportunities through boots-on-the-ground organizations like Meals on Wheels.

Finally, thanks to our partnership with Operation Blessing, the KOHLER Relief Showering Trailer has been deployed at a field hospital in New York City and is being operated by the Department of Defense to provide frontline workers with a place to cleanup before heading home to their loved ones. Equipped with showers, sanitation, handwashing and charging facilities, the KOHLER Relief Showering Trailer was designed specifically for healthcare and relief workers responding to crisis situations.

Our spirits are lifted to see the selfless dedication of so many caring individuals and organizations collaborating in this time of global need. We’re proud to partner our efforts with theirs. As always, we’ll go further together.