Helping our healthcare workers.

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There have been shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) in communities where COVID-19 is hitting the hardest. We understand the necessity of having ample supply of protective equipment to minimize risk, and when requests began coming in from local healthcare providers, we didn’t hesitate.

In communities around the world where we live and work, our associates have been busy designing, creating and distributing PPE to healthcare providers on the frontlines. It’s the passion of our associates that drives our stewardship efforts every day and that remains true even in this time of COVID-19. Their dedication has helped protect people from China, Europe and the U.S.

Our teams in China, the first to experience COVID-19 in their country, responded with compassion and resolve. Their efforts sent tens of thousands of medical masks to hospitals in need, along with protective clothing, goggles, disinfectant and thermometers. Today, as the number of infected people decreases in China, the teams continue to produce PPE to be shipped where it’s needed, currently in Europe and the U.S.

In the U.S., associates in procurement and maintenance continue to coordinate the procurement, donation and distribution of thousands of N95 masks, medical masks, face shields, protective gloves and eyewear to local clinics and hospitals.

Recognizing that COVID-19 will impact day-to-day life for quite some time, Kohler associates are committed for the long haul. In addition to the support our China and U.S. associates are providing, our Mira associates in the U.K., led by an Innovation for Good teamare currently creating 10,000 face shields to be donated to National Health Services (NHS) in England. And in Thailand and France, associates are sewing and donating masks to protect their communities.

We appreciate kind words like those of Milwaukee Ascension Hospital Vice President for Philanthropy Lisa Froemming: “Thank you, thank you, thank you for caring. I shared your generosity with our chief nursing officer and she was in tears. The safety and health of our frontline staff is greatly improved because of you.”

But it’s our deep-felt gratitude that inspires our efforts, and our belief that if we act together, we can come through this health crisis stronger.