Delivering essentials to field hospitals.

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Field hospitals present a unique set of challenges for construction and medical teams. Assembled quickly in nontraditional spaces, these facilities still need to meet strict medical safety requirements. Kohler’s collaborative expertise, along with our plumbing and power products, are helping to get field hospitals up and running during COVID-19, keeping healthcare workers and patients safe.

Providing Thought Leadership in the United States

As the need for field hospitals in pandemic hotspots grew, so did the need for shared resources to help architects identify and reuse sites. The American Institute of Architects responded by assembling a multidisciplined task force charged with creating a central repository of information. Kohler was asked to lend its expertise to AIA ArchMap, an open-source database of alternate care site case studies. The database includes best practices new sites can leverage to execute their conversion as quickly as possible.  

Delivering Sanitary Solutions in the U.K., Morocco & Middle East

The National Health Service turned to Rada Controls, commercial hygiene experts, to supply its temporary hospital facilities with mechanical and digital taps designed specifically for the healthcare industry. And as existing hospitals adapt to manage the impact of COVID-19, Rada is installing additional handwashing stations near hospital entrances and supporting new projects in the Middle East as the need to increase medical facility capacity becomes critical.

In Casablanca, Morocco, Kohler’s Jacob Delafon brand equipped a 700-bed field hospital with toilets, bathroom sinks, and shower trays to ensure patient sanitation.

Bringing Power to the U.K.

Field hospitals need continuous power to operate effectively and safely. Kohler Uninterruptible Power supplied five PowerWAVE 5000/TP Systems to a National Health Service temporary facility to support critical medical equipment such as ventilators. A reliable power source enables medical staff to focus on patient recovery.

As different regions of the world respond to the pandemic, Kohler associates and businesses are here to support the fast-track construction of field hospitals, so healthcare workers can safely care for those impacted by COVID-19.