Water swirling inside a KOHLER toilet

Designing for the environment.

Revolutionary water-saving toilet design.

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"There’s is a lot of science behind toilet flushing,” said Dan Halloran, Senior Principal Engineer. “But all the customer truly wants is a clean bowl.”

When the design team took the plunge into swirl flushing, they set out to combine a complete flush with water efficiency. Some existing swirl-flushing toilets don't allocate enough water for flushing, leaving residue in the bowl. Others are guilty of allocating too much, thereby wasting water. Halloran's team was determined to find the "just right" balance.

The design team leaned on Design for Environment principles to look for efficiency during the consumer-use phase. They studied air flow and tweaked system configurations until they found the balance they were looking for, pairing Kohler's powerful AquaPiston® flushing engine with Revolution 360® technology. The team went a step further with CleanCoat™, a surface treatment that repels water and debris and prevents hard water stains.

The result? A toilet that flushes completely each time and stays cleaner longer. That means less toilet scrubbing for consumers and less water use for the environment. "As long-time Kohler engineers," Halloran said, "we consider this technology some of our best work."

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