Frequently asked questions about the KOHLER WasteLAB®.

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Can people tour the WasteLAB?

  • Tours will be offered selectively for those interested in partnering with Kohler or learning how to reuse their own industrial waste materials.

Does the WasteLAB partner with other manufacturers or artists?

  • Yes! We are always looking to make connections beyond the Kohler walls to see what sparks of innovation might ignite a new project. 

Where can I purchase KOHLER WasteLAB tile?

What is the typical lead time to order WasteLAB tile?

  • Typical lead times can vary. Contact your local ANN SACKS® showroom for current lead times on your preferred products.

Is the KOHLER WasteLAB tile sold outside of the United States?

  • As part of our sustainability mission, KOHLER WasteLAB tile is only sold in the U.S. and Canada in order to minimize our carbon footprint.

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