Farming wind energy.

Kansas wind farm meets the electricity needs of Kohler’s U.S. and Canadian operations.

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To help offset its operational footprint, Kohler partners with The Diamond Vista Wind LLC wind farm​. This partnership supports the electricity needs in both Kohler’s U.S and Canadian operations. The Diamond Vista Wind farm is in the open plains of Kansas, making it an ideal location for generating wind energy. Specifically, Kansas has been ranked in the top-ten states for wind energy resources.

Kohler purchases renewable electricity that is sold to wholesale electric markets, and its decision to invest comes after a decade of implementing other initiatives to improve internal processes. Examples include: investing in energy-efficient kilns, heat recovery systems, and several solar installations.

The solar installation at Kohler’s Spartanburg, SC facility generates 9 percent of the entire facility’s annual electric usage. We would need to install a system 12 times larger to generate enough power equal to the energy use of that location alone. With just one offsite wind project, we have offset Kohler’s electric use in the U.S. and Canada. We will continue employing a mix of onsite and offsite renewable energy projects to meet our energy usage goals.

Kohler has received renewable energy credits that equal the annual electricity needs for Kohler’s 85 manufacturing facilities, offices and warehouses in the U.S. and Canada. The project reduced Kohler’s greenhouse gas emissions footprint by 26 percent.

This project is helping Kohler achieve net zero in greenhouse gas emissions by 2035, which is key as part of our Better Planet strategy. We will continue to prioritize renewable energy and work to make our operations more sustainable by driving energy efficiency in our manufacturing processes and developing new products and materials that require less energy in homes and workplaces.

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