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Kohler Co. maintains Supplier Profiles which include contact and other critical business information to help assist Kohler Global associates in evaluating a company’s business potential.  Kohler suppliers are asked to ensure the accuracy of all information contained in the supplier profile and suggest that it be updated annually.   

Existing suppliers should use the Supplier Registration form to submit their Supplier Profile information using the link provided below.  The first step in the process is to create a User ID, once complete you will be directed to the supplier registration page.  Please be sure to select “yes” from the drop down on the first question indicating that your company is an existing Kohler supplier and complete.

Supplier Registration


Kohler Co. must approve any product or process changes having the potential to affect the fit, form, or function of the products purchased from you. Approval for the requested change must be gained from Kohler Co. prior to making any changes through the change request from.


We encourage supplier-initiated product innovation, cost reduction and process improvement suggestions. SIDEkick is program that promotes open communication and mutual benefit among Kohler, its suppliers and its customers. To submit a suggestion, send an e-mail message to SIDEkick@kohler.com.


Suppliers already registered for Kohler’s supplier portal, use the following link: Supplier Web Application https://kohlerpartner.kohlerco.com


Existing suppliers interested in registering for the supplier portal are strongly encouraged to contact the supplier relationship manager or send inquiries to eprocurement@kohler.com.

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