WaterSense® for smart saving.

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At Kohler, we believe great design is form and function in perfect harmony with the environment. This means designing products that don’t just look beautiful and perform exceptionally well, but also use significantly less water.

Kohler has encouraged water conservation since the 1970s and began developing products recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for water savings in 2007. In 2008, the EPA named Kohler the first recipient of its WaterSense Manufacturer Partner of the Year Award. The WaterSense label is assigned to a product after the product is third-party certified for meeting EPA guidelines. For example, a showerhead must use 2.0 gallons per minute (gpm) or less and a bathroom faucet only 1.5 gpm or less.

Since the first WaterSense-labeled KOHLER® products were introduced, those products have empowered consumers to reduce water use by over 110 billion gallons and save over $1.3 billion in water, sewer and energy costs. The label makes it easy for consumers to identify and purchase products that save water while maintaining the performance excellence and sophisticated design for which Kohler has long been renowned. Today, Kohler offers more than 700 products that reduce water use and still deliver superior performance.

“Being a part of the WaterSense program is the most impactful thing Kohler can do as a company to make a difference in how Americans use water,” said Jeff Zeman, Senior Manager Engineering, Sustainability Design. “The WaterSense program delivers value on many levels, creating efficiency targets for manufacturers, measurable and significant gains in water use that utilities and regulators can count on, and an easily-recognized label a consumer can look for when purchasing products."

In addition to developing products in alignment with EPA guidelines, Kohler is examining products in terms of their entire life cycles, implementing Design for Environment (DfE) principles that reduce overall impact, including water use. Giving consumers additional transparency into the impact of our products on the environment and human health, Kohler has implemented Declare labels and Environmental Protection Declaration (EPD) labels for a growing list of established products.

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