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Water Solutions on the Navajo Nation.

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There is a water crisis in the United States. Over 2 million Americans live without running water or sanitation at home and more than 44 million don’t have water that’s safe to drink. Native Americans are 19 times more likely and Black and Latinx households are twice as likely to live without indoor running water than white households.

What’s more is that American women, like women around the world, disproportionately shoulder the burden, as they are often the ones tasked with hauling water, boiling water, and taking care of their families.

We believe access to water and sanitation is a basic human right, which is why we are expanding our commitment to Safe Water for All with a new partnership with DigDeep, one of the only organizations working to address water issues in the United States to ensure that every American has access to clean, running water.

We are the Founding Partner of DigDeep's Water Is Life microgrant program. This multi-year innovation and training program will provide microgrants to local entrepreneurs and community groups who present innovative solutions related to universal access to clean water and sanitation through community-based service models or new technologies.

For the first year, the focus will be on the Navajo Nation where more than 30 percent of residents still do not have a tap or toilet at home. Through DigDeep's Water Is Life microgrant program, we are looking to fund ten projects led by Navajo community members based on the Navajo Nation in 2021. The program will later expand to other areas of the U.S. facing critical water challenges.

In addition to funding new business ideas over the next three years, we will be providing mentorship opportunities by connecting grantees to Kohler associates who will lend their expertise to help develop and build these businesses. Kohler’s own incubator Innovation for Good® will also play a role when it comes to finding solutions to challenges that the grantees may face as they develop their projects.

The Water Is Life microgrant program and partnership with DigDeep strengthens our commitment to building better lives and better communities by ensuring everyone has access to one of life’s most important resources—water.

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