United for Safe Water.

Photo courtesy Water Mission

Kohler rallies Manchester United fans to support its United for Safe Water campaign.

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Manchester United fans visiting Old Trafford stadium and across the world will have the chance to learn more about what it means to have safe, clean water through Kohler’s United for Safe Water campaign, which is currently supporting the efforts of Water Mission, a long-time Kohler partner working in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. 

Kicking off on International Women’s Day and running through the end of the month, the United for Safe Water campaign includes stadium signage before, during, and after the men’s game on March 12 and the women’s game on March 27, 2022.  The Club is also amplifying the campaign’s messages far beyond the borders of the stadium to a global audience through its extensive social media following, mobile app, website, and print and digital channels. 

With millions of men, women, and children impacted by the humanitarian and refugee crisis in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, the funds raised will support the Water Mission assessment team, who are working on the ground in Poland, Romania, and Moldova, to evaluate the growing water, sanitation, and hygiene needs, providing basic necessities and infrastructure for refugees. Kohler Co. has made a corporate donation to Water Mission and is offering to match funds with donations made by associates.  

Kohler has a long history of supporting safe water and sanitation relief efforts across the world. Positively impacting more than 1.7 million lives over the past 5 years, Kohler’s Safe Water for All initiative has supported safe water projects with product and financial donations in India, China, and North America, and Kohler Power has provided generators to refugee camps in Africa.

Safe Water For All

Manchester United players are raising their voices in support of Safe Water for All. Players share their thoughts on the global water crisis.

Join us in making safe water for all a reality. United we can make a difference.