Safe Water for All Exhibition.

On view at the Kohler Design Center.

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The Safe Water for All exhibition aims to bring awareness to the global water crisis, the toll it exacts on daily life, and the positive solutions that are making an impact. Through a combination of photography and video, the exhibition documents what it means to live without safe water, shining a light on the significant burden it places on women and girls.

We all live with an ever-increasing risk to our safe water, whether from aging infrastructures, depleted aquifers, natural disasters, or civil unrest. Sadly, however, as with so many things, communities that are underserved already experience this hardship more often. These communities are the where we have been most active with our humanitarian partners.

Centered around the solutions we’ve been able to implement, the exhibition travels through villages in India, China, Puerto Rico, Uganda and more. We collaborated with curator and photojournalist Prashant Panjiar to tell the varied and individual stories of life without safe water, from the monotonous and backbreaking work of carrying water, to the innovative solutions we are developing.

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Learn what it means to live without safe water.

Water Stories: Dattamaya

At 23 years old, Dattamaya from the community of Shivgarh Tanda in India exemplifies the possibilities that access to water provides.

Water Stories: Shanna

A Navajo woman, mother, and manager of DigDeep's Navajo Water Project, Shanna shares her day-to-day experience raising a family on the Navajo Nation without running water at home.

Water Stories: Amishaben

Amishaben, an 11-year-old schoolgirl living in rural India, tells the story of water in her village and the impact Kohler’s Water Impact Projects have made.

Water Stories: Neha

Neha gives us a glimpse into her life as a high school girl in rural India, and how collecting water for her family occupies hours of her day.


Carrying water falls most often to women and girls. It is monotonous, back-breaking, time-stealing work at its best, dangerous at its worst.


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