Running with purpose.

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Join the 2020 Kohler Run for Safe Water

The 2020 Kohler Run for Safe Water is a chance for you to join thousands of participants from around the world to make a difference and help support Safe Water for All. Following COVID-19 precautions, Kohler is working with Strava to host a month-long virtual run/walk, October 1–31, 2020. 

The goal is 12,000 participants worldwide logging a collective run/walk/hike/wheelchair distance of 200,000 kilometers. For each kilometer of distance logged, Kohler will donate 1 USD up to 200,000 USD to Safe Water for All efforts. The individual challenge is to log at least 5 kilometers of distance each week for four weeks. For perspective, 6 kilometers is the average distance women and girls walk to collect water daily, with no guarantee it’s safe water.

Since the first global safe water stewardship activities were piloted in 2017, Kohler’s efforts have impacted the lives of more than 900,000. Join the 2020 Kohler Run for Safe Water today, and together we can help make Safe Water for All a reality.

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Running With Purpose

Approximately 2.1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water worldwide. Women and girls literally carry the bulk of this burden, walking miles to collect water not only to drink, but to cook, bathe and wash dishes and clothing. The time lost collecting water and the health impact of waterborne illness means these women, girls, and their entire communities suffer physically, emotionally, and economically. Kohler is working with humanitarian partners to help change that through our global initiative Safe Water for All. 

Global Support, Year After Year

In 2017, we piloted our first Safe Water for All global stewardship activity, Run for Clarity. Last year, more than 27,000 Kohler associates across the globe covered approximately 240,000 kilometers in support of access to safe water and sanitation. Their efforts resulted in Kohler’s donation of $200,000 toward a range of Safe Water for All initiatives, from water impact projects in India and China to bathroom improvement projects in Thailand and KOHLER® generators used for pumping safe water in Puerto Rico.

Sign up today, log your distance throughout October, and help support Safe Water for All by raising $200,000!

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