Running with purpose.

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2020 Kohler Run for Safe Water! If finding solutions for the 2.1 billion people living without safe water is a passion of yours but you weren’t able to join the run, don’t worry. It’s an annual event, and in the meantime, there are plenty of other ways for you to get involved.

We are so pleased to report that the 2020 Kohler Run for Safe Water brought  thousands of participants from around the world together to help support Safe Water for All. Following COVID-19 precautions, we worked with Strava to host a virtual run/walk during the month of October. 

Far exceeding our goals, we had over 65,000 participants worldwide log a collective run/walk/hike/wheelchair distance of over 8 million kilometers. As a result, Kohler donated 200,000 USD to Safe Water for All efforts. We’re working with humanitarian partners on site-specific projects to bring crucial safe water solutions to communities around the world. In particular, the 2020 Run for Safe water will benefit: Dig Deep safe water projects in the rural U.S.; fund handwashing stations in 20 schools in Jhagadia, India; support 4 Water Impact Projects with World Vision in China and Southeast Asia; and address access to safe water for landslide victims in Honduras’ Opalaca reserve with Water Mission.

Global Support, Year After Year

Since the first global safe water stewardship activities were piloted in 2017, Kohler’s efforts have impacted the lives of more than 900,000. Our annual Run for Safe Water contributes significantly to the work Kohler and its partners are able to accomplish. Last year we were able to carry out water impact projects in India and China, bathroom improvement projects in Thailand, and provide KOHLER® generators to be used for pumping safe water in Puerto Rico.

More Ways to Help

The magnitude of the safe water crisis is too large for anyone to impact alone. It affects communities everywhere in the world – urban and rural communities in wealthy and developing countries. We are proud to partner with humanitarian organizations that prioritize solving the safe water issue. You can donate to specific safe water initiatives currently underway and learn more about the global crisis here.

Until next year’s run, if you’d like to wear your support for making Safe Water for All a reality, you can order a Kohler Run for Safe Water t-shirt today.

Together, we can make safe water for all a reality.

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