Global Water Discovery Center

Water Mission’s traveling water center delivers an unexpected water experience.
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Inspirational? Yes. Interactive? Yes. One-of-a-kind? Yes. Not-to-be-missed? Most definitely.

The Global Water Center is entirely unique. An experiential journey, the mobile exhibit educates visitors about water—both as a vibrant, essential part of life and as a resource that is facing critical challenges around the globe.

The astonishing fact is that a lack of safe water affects one-third of the world’s population—2.2 billion people. Every 37 seconds a person dies from a preventable waterborne illness, totaling more than 2,300 per day and 800,000 each year.

The Global Water Center is designed to inspire new safe water advocates of all ages. It features an immersive 360-degree theater, augmented reality, and hands-on activities, including a water testing station and treatment system. The exhibit explores the uniqueness of water on Earth, all the aspects of life impacted by water, and how the best technologies and plans help secure sources of safe water.

Kohler is proud to sponsor and host the Global Water Center as part of our ongoing commitment to safe water and sanitation. Working with partner organizations and individuals the world over to discover and implement innovative solutions, we believe that safe water for all can become a reality.

People from the Kohler community and around the world were able to experience the Global Water Center firsthand during the 43rd Ryder Cup. Guests were invited to tour the Global Water Center and learn more about the challenges communities face living without safe water and the actions Kohler and our partners are taking to help solve this crisis.

To discover where you can experience the Global Water Center in person as it travels throughout the U.S., visit

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