Bringing safe water to school.

Stewardship, product and design teams collaborate to transform a primary school space in China into a safe water and sanitation facility for young students.

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Kohler’s commitment to “better” begins with supporting the communities where we live and work. Our Stewardship teams across the globe are dedicated to staying connected with local organizations to identify areas where our expertise can make a difference. One such place was the Lijiaping Primary School.

The school had a simple request for us: a water filter to provide their students with safe drinking water. Thanks to the collaboration of several Kohler teams around the world, we were able to provide much more.

When the Kitchen & Bath team in China learned of the Gansu province school’s need for a safe water and sanitation solution, they delivered—and then some. The team tapped the expertise of colleagues in Kohler’s Water Filtration business to redesign a water house for the school aimed at addressing not only water safety issues, but also water shortages and infrastructure problems occurring from frozen water in the winter. Together, they created a new layout of the facility to optimize water storage, filtration and a handwashing space.

But they didn’t stop there. In addition to constructing a facility that was functional, the team also knew it was important to make the space welcoming for young children. They called upon associates from Kohler’s showroom design and graphic design teams to create a large wall display. Vibrant colors and creative cartoons transformed what was previously dull into a bright, fun, kid-friendly facility.

Today, more than 300 students and teachers use the water house, which will continue to provide safe water and sanitation resources for the school for years to come.

Thanks to the collaboration of teams across Kohler, similar work is being done in India and the U.S. to improve the lives of residents in our most underserved communities.  

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