The 50-liter home.

Committed to conservation.

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Kohler is excited to be part of the 50L Home Coalition and begin to help reimagine people’s relationship with water. Water and sanitation are the foundation of Kohler’s business, and we’ve been a leader in water efficiency for decades. Our water-efficient product designs and advocacy led us to become a very early partner in the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense® program and a 14-time award recipient. 

Cities worldwide already face imminent threats of “Day Zero” when water sources run dry. As of today, 14 of 20 of the world’s largest cities experience water scarcity, and two thirds of the global population is projected to live in water-stressed areas by 2025. The global pandemic has brought the need to invest in water, sanitation and hygiene into crystal clear focus. The 50-liter home takes its cue from Cape Town, which narrowly avoided their Day Zero by limiting domestic water use to 50 liters per person per day. The 50-liter challenge aims to turn current water use on its head not only by reducing water use, but by making 50 liters feel like an ample supply.  

As a company already committed to water conservation, we love the boldness and creativity of the 50-liter challenge. Our products can be a catalyst in driving more efficient water use, which in turn will reduce energy use and carbon emissions. By just using readily available products like KOHLER WaterSense-labeled toilets, showerheads, faucets and an Energy Star washing machines, households can greatly reduce their water consumption. Using learnings from pilots of 50-liter homes in various locations, the coalition seeks to advance solutions that address water and energy efficiency and inform a path to global scale. 

At Kohler we believe better is always possible. Our involvement in the 50L Home Coalition is one of many paths to better that we’re pursuing. We believe that through innovative design and smart collaboration we can help make 50 liters of daily water use per person an irresistible aspiration for all. For more information on the coalition, please visit 

California Pilot Program

Homes get retrofitted with tech to reduce water waste as part of an initiative between the U.S Green Building Council, various corporations and the 50 Liter Home Coalition.

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