Kohler Relief

2017 was an unprecedented year for hurricane activity, with storms Harvey, Irma and Maria leaving millions of people without power and safe drinking water. Kohler associates sprang into action to deliver water filters and generators, and we realized we could do much more.

Bringing power to Puerto Rico.

With power grids down and generators serving as the primary power to schools, hospital and homes, Kohler technicians have been essential in the recovery.

Cleaning up after Hurricane Florence.

Kohler Sales Executive shares his experience helping North Carolina residents after Hurricane Florence.

Helping Hurricane Matthew victims in Haiti.

After Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti, only contaminated water was available to the people of Jérémie—and cholera spread citywide. Kohler and Water Mission stepped in to help.

Getting clean water to communities after Maria.

With the support of charitable organizations, KOHLER® Clarity™ water filters made it to families, schools and medical facilities across the Puerto Rico after the island was devastated by Hurricane Maria.

Empowering Haitians after the hurricane.

With the help of KOHLER generators, Water Mission was able to purify and distribute 80,000 liters of water each day to the people of Jérémie, Haiti, who lost everything when Matthew hit.

Getting fresh water to Louisiana flood victims.

32 inches of rain in 34 hours left wells contaminated, pipes broken and people without access to clean drinking water. KOHLER® Clarity™ water filters helped provide relief.

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