Safe sanitation for the developing world.

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According to the World Health Organization, one in three people lack access to a toilet. This sad truth results in devastating hygiene-related diseases and one million deaths annually in developing countries around the world. 

One such place is western Honduras, where Water Mission, a humanitarian organization focused on safe water and sanitation, initiated a Healthy Latrines program in 2017. Their goal was to provide safe sanitation options for Honduran communities. Kohler saw an opportunity to help. 

Partnering with Water Mission, Kohler water technology engineers like Mike Radloff used an existing toilet model from colleagues in Thailand to create the KOHLER pour-flush toilet. As the name suggests, the toilet flushes when water is poured in by the user, eliminating the need for any plumbing infrastructure. 

“The toilet is easy to use, water-efficient and extremely durable due to its simple design,” explained Mike. “It has been very well received by the residents.”

To date, Water Mission has provided healthy latrines—each including a KOHLER pour-flush toilet—to thousands of families. Additional plans are underway to expand its use in other developing countries.

“The product was developed specifically for Water Mission, but we’ve also been approached by other interested organizations,” said Mike. 

Kohler has worked closely with iDE to provide a safe sanitation option to Ghana residents who specifically require a seated toilet option to support older family members or those with special needs. More than 350 KOHLER pour-flush toilets are now installed in Ghana, where the low-flush design is particularly important due to a water shortage. New projects are also in the works in Peru, with hopes to continue expansion. 

“There are many areas across Africa, Central and South America that could benefit greatly from the design,” added Mike. “We hope to make an impact anywhere safe sanitation is needed.”

If you are interested in learning more about how the KOHLER pour-flush toilet could be a solution in the communities you serve, please contact us at