Creating a ripple effect.

Associates at the Heart of Engagement and Innovation

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Tapping into our associates’ innovative spirit not only does the hard work of generating solutions to global issues, but also empowers associates to see the value in themselves and one another. In this Sustainable Brands article, learn how Kohler associates Gaurav Verma and Delia Mixon experience Innovation for Good and the I-Prize at Kohler Co.

“The collaborative culture and encouraging environment made me feel that all doors were open to me at Kohler,” Gaurav says. “Collaborating with head directors and engineers on a project intended to contribute to society and give back to the community were major motivators. What we are doing now is affecting generations and this project remains close to my heart.”
“To be able to bring my strengths and lead something where I managed individuals with titles as high as director allowed me to develop and showcase my ability to run a project,” Delia says. “Not only did participating in I-Prize gave me the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, but my team and I have given the company something to embrace and think about that could really make a difference.”

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