A run for safe water.

Run for Clarity

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Rural Cambodia is one of the poorest and least developed areas of the world. Access to clean, drinkable water is a daily challenge. Children who are deprived of potable water often fall ill and are unable to go to school. Just a few liters of clean water each day guarantee an education that will ultimately lead to a chance at a better life.

In 2017, we piloted a global stewardship activity, Run for Clarity. Kohler donated funds toward KOHLER® Clarity™ filters for each kilometer run or walked. Thanks to the thousands of Kohler associates who covered 61,000 kilometers in 2017's Run for Clarity, Siem Reap in Cambodia and many other communities have access to safe water.

  • 7,800 participants in KOHLER Run for Clarity
  • 33 Kohler locations participated
  • 61,000 km covered (globe perimeter is 40,075 km, women in Africa and Asia walk 6 km on average to get water)
  • 5,000 filters donated through Run for Clarity, impacting 20,000 lives

An estimated 1.8 billion people lack access to safe drinking water. KOHLER Clarity was developed to address this issue. "Our goal with Clarity is to provide a filter extremely efficient at creating safe drinking water that also becomes a fixture of convenience and dignity in a home," said Mike Radloff, Senior Project Manager – Water Technologies. "In two years, we brought teams together from around the world to use our expertise in plumbing to develop and bring to market this solution."

Clarity is incredibly simple to use. The filter works on gravity alone; no electricity or water infrastructure is needed. The filter holds 11 liters (2.9 gallons) of dirty water that flows into a 12-liter (3.1-gallon) reservoir, where the clean water is stored to avoid recontamination.

Kohler partners with humanitarian organizations like Water Mission, World Vision and Operation Blessing to deliver Clarity filters to the areas where it's needed the most.


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