Better Communities.

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Kohler’s Better Communities strategy is to support the growth and economic development of communities where associates live, work, and operate through access to clean water, safe sanitation, health and well-being services, environmental conservation, education, and support of the arts.

Since 1990 we have impacted over 17 million lives through our Better Communities strategy. In 2022 activities implemented to further our Better Communities strategic goals resulted in over one million lives impacted, with our Kohler associates involved in community engagement activities around the world.

Ambitions & Initiatives

Cultivating strong communities

  • Corporate partnerships
  • Corporate giving
  • Associates in Action

Delivering safe water and sanitation

  • Safe Water for All

Harnessing inspiration through art

  • Arts/Industry program

How we're Believing in Better.

Recognizing 2022 World Environment Day through Kohler Associate Action

This World Environment Day, we are celebrating our associates who are driving key environmental sustainability initiatives both here at Kohler and as part of their personal passions in their own communities.

Improving handwashing in a rural community.

Kohler Co. and Water Mission partner in Padre Cocha, Peru.

Arts/Industry: Joann Quiñones

Arts/Industry resident Joann Quiñones explores material culture, in particular 18th century decorative arts, complicating the narratives of who and what is valued in society and why.

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