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Kohler Co. 2022 Believing in Better Report

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Kohler’s growth and success since its founding in 1873 have been built on a strong foundation of honest and fair behavior and a culture of ethical leadership. As a dynamic and purpose-driven  company, we stay focused on controlling what we can by practicing our mission, abiding by our guiding principles, and ultimately making sure we do all we can to leave the world a better place. 

In our journey to better, we use Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria as a framework to transparently report against our goals and progress while ensuring the actions we take are embedded in our business strategy and operations.

We are proud to share our 2022 Believing in Better Report.

Below the Surface with Believing in Better

This year marks 150 years since our founding. While ESG reporting is a recent addition, understanding and owning our impact is not. Protecting the planet and addressing issues affecting the communities and people we touch is a responsibility we’ve chosen to take up since our earliest days. Discover why we do what we do, and how it’s making a difference.

Kohler Co. Outlines Strategy, Ambitions, and Progress in 2022 Believing in Better Report

Kohler Co. 2022 Believing in Better Report

Kohler is committed to transparency, engagement, and consistent communication of our Believing in Better® initiatives, and we will continue to build on our alignment with established ESG standards. Our report was prepared with reference to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards.

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Kohler’s Transformation from Sustainability to ESG

Sara Gutterman, CEO of Green Builder Media, gains insight into Kohler’s transition from sustainability to ESG with Laura Kohler, Chief Sustainability & DEI Officer.

Better Planet.

Kohler is improving its operational environmental footprint, while finding ways to help customers and consumers reduce their own environmental impact, through innovation and responsibility of design. From a focus on water conservation and energy efficiency to exploring creative ways to recycle and repurpose waste, Kohler is paying uncompromised attention to designing environmentally friendly products and services that will continue to delight consumers at every price point.

Better Communities.

Kohler takes a holistic approach to addressing the long-term health, well-being, and prosperity of the communities it serves. Through programs and partnerships that address equitable access to clean water and sanitation, disaster relief initiatives, and a focus on education, arts, and health/well-being, Kohler and its associates work together to build better and more resilient communities in the U.S. and globally.

Better Lives.

Kohler seeks to make a positive impact on the lives of associates and customers by promoting inclusive and equitable programs at work and in the community, providing opportunities to innovate products and services with a social purpose, and being responsible stewards of resources. Kohler is committed to a better workplace and better world.

David Kohler, Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Kohler Co.

"Since Kohler’s founding in 1873, each generation of leadership has adhered to the same principles that guided my great grandfather and Kohler’s founder, John Michael Kohler – a focus on associate well-being, a commitment to community and public service, and operating with ethics and integrity. It is staying true to these principles that has allowed Kohler to adapt to a changing world and business landscape."

Laura Kohler, Chief Sustainability & DEI Officer, Kohler Co.

"The past year was pivotal for Kohler. We continued to build on our efforts in environmental sustainability, diversity, equity and inclusion, and social impact and integrated our Believing in Better framework into the business at every level. That’s because at Kohler, we believe we should be held accountable for the promises we make."

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