A Life of Purpose & Passion

Ruth DeYoung Kohler II (1941-2020)

Arts/Industry: Jesse Harrod

Arriving at the residency after their twelfth heart surgery and keenly aware of their body, Jesse’s work imagines new possibilities at the intersection of queerness and neuro or physical divergence.

Exploring the cost of trade.

Arts/Industry resident Chotsani Elaine Dean offers a unique perspective on working with clay, economies built on trade, and creating art in a manufacturing setting.

Follow his journey.

L.A. artist and recent Kohler Arts/Industry resident Harold Mendez shares his experience as a first-generation American exploring the intersection of art, culture, and identity.

Ruth DeYoung Kohler II (1941 – 2020)

A tremendous loss to the international arts community and to everyone who knew and loved her, Ruth DeYoung Kohler died Saturday, November 14, at her home in Kohler, Wisconsin, at the age of 79.

Exploring identity through art.

See Israeli artist Talia Mukmel at work in the Kohler foundry during her Arts/Industry residency. Get a glimpse into her process and the inspiration behind her art.

Kids and adults from Kohler's India Technical Center sit around tables loaded with art supplies, working on creative projects together

Art in schools.

Bringing joy and kindness to kids who really need it, our associates share their time and energy to help kids express themselves through art.

Amidst a busy background, two women look at a sculpture that's part of Multiculturalism, an exhibit from the Bold. Art. Program

Expressions of multiculturalism.

Artists transform our raw materials into unexpected art pieces, and we’re taking this work on a regional tour. 

An artist in Kohler Co.'s Arts/Industry program uses a small tool to shape a clay sculpture

Watch art come to life in our factories.

More than 500 artists have passed through and been inspired by our Wisconsin factories since the Arts/Industry program began in 1974. Watch former artists-in-residence share their experiences.

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