Workplace Violence



Workplace Violence

Violent behavior or threats of violence of any kind, either implied or direct, are prohibited at Kohler Co., on Kohler Co. property or at company-sponsored events. Such conduct by a Kohler Co. associate, customer, contractor or vendor will not be tolerated.

An associate who exhibits violent behavior may be subject to criminal prosecution in the country in which he or she is working and shall also be subject to disciplinary action from the Company, up to and including termination from employment, even for a first offense.

Threats, dangerous acts, harassment or violent behavior of any kind should be reported immediately. Kohler Co. maintains a zero-tolerance standard regarding violence or threats of violence in the workplace.

The lack of a specific threat or the actual intent to engage in violence or harassment will not prevent us from taking disciplinary action.

You should consult the full Workplace Violence Policy located on the intranet for further information on this topic.

Tensions run high in a meeting regarding a new product launch. Hugo, your coworker has been preparing his presentation for this meeting. A team supervisor is vocal in his disagreement of Hugo’s proposed strategy for the launch. Afterwards, the room clears out, but Hugo, visibly frustrated, voices his displeasure with the supervisor. He says something to the effect of: “I’m tired of management thinking they’re all high and mighty. It’s about time someone straightened that guy out, you know what I mean.” This isn’t the first time Hugo has made threatening comments out of frustration. Do you ignore it as a harmless threat, or take Hugo’s comments as a possible threat?

A threat of any sort should not be taken lightly or brushed aside. In order to maintain a safe and nonviolent environment, Kohler Co. insists on addressing violent behavior or threats of any kind, either implied or direct. In this situation, it is best to consider the conduct detrimental and potentially violent and report the threat to an immediate supervisor or HR representative.