Safety and Health

Preaching “safety first” is not enough. Putting exceptional programs into practice demonstrates that safety has always been a top priority. Like everything the Company does, its safety initiatives and proactive measures are designed to exceed minimum standards – which help us achieve a world-class safety culture.

A charter member of the National Safety Council since 1914, Kohler Co. is committed to conducting its operations in a manner that protects its people, property, communities and environment by providing a safe and healthful work environment.

Long-term survival as a corporation with a singular mission to improve the standard of gracious living depends on the ability to adhere to Kohler Co.’s principles and safety policies creatively and cost-effectively.

A factory associate you work in close proximity to consistently fails to use proper techniques throughout the course of the day, possibly endangering you or other coworkers. You have reported his behavior several times to your supervisor. However, you have heard the associate has avoided punishment because he is a golf buddy with someone in upper management.

The commitment to “safety first” cannot be compromised by playing favorites. Any behavior that puts associates at risk must be reported immediately. Contact Human Resources to file a formal report that will be documented and used to help determine the proper corrective action.