Relationships with Suppliers

Whether gifts or gratuities, favors, loans or any other accommodations, Kohler Co. associates cannot accept an offering from a supplier if that offering is free of charge or less than market value.

One meal or attendance at an athletic or cultural event of nominal value per year, per supplier is permitted. Associates may also receive generally distributed promotional items which clearly display a corporate logo or advertising.

Gifts received that do not meet these exceptions must be returned to the donor.

An associate receiving a significant tender must report the circumstances of the proposed gift to an immediate supervisor. See the section on Travel/Hospitality Expenses for further detail.

The manager of one of your largest suppliers sends a gift basket to your home over the holiday season. The basket contains a bottle of wine valued at $300 USD. The card attached to the basket has a note from the manager that says: “Happy Holidays. Hope you and your family enjoy this token of our appreciation. Cheers.” What do you do?

Kohler Co. policy dictates that associates may not accept gifts, during the holidays or otherwise. An associate receiving a significant gift, like an expensive bottle of wine, should simply return the gift with an explanation of our “no gift” policy.