Relationships With Customers

Payments of any kind by Kohler Co. associates to customers intended to induce sales, purchases or special favors are prohibited.

This includes any form of direct or indirect payment for these purposes to the employee of a business or government or his or her relatives.

This prohibition does not include product samples of nominal value given to specifiers employed within the industry. Nor does it apply to occasional meals provided in the ordinary course of business, tickets to an athletic or cultural event of nominal value or generally distributed promotional items which clearly display the Kohler Co. logo or advertising. Payments to business entities, as opposed to employees of those entities, may be appropriate under some circumstances with prior approval.

An associate receiving a significant tender must report the circumstances of the proposed gift to an immediate supervisor. See the section on Travel/Hospitality Expenses for further detail.

The purchasing manager of one of your largest accounts calls and says: “I’m trying to fill out a truckload order and bring in those sinks you wanted me to. Just give me an extra 10 percent on the 200 sinks that I need to fill the truck. We’ll work it out later.”

Be ethical in the here and now rather than “work it out later.” Longstanding business relationships and a reputation for valuable customer service are not established by shortsighted favors and risky, unethical practices. The legacy of this company was founded on trust, hard work and honest practices with customers. And that is a standard we expect our associates to uphold.