Associate Standards of Conduct

The actions of Kohler Co. associates are reflections of the Company. Therefore, we have a responsibility to exhibit standards of conduct consistent with the Kohler Co. Mission Statement in all activities related directly or indirectly to the business. It is paramount to maintain professional relationships with fellow associates, treating them with dignity and respect. Furthermore, when acting on behalf of Kohler Co., it is fundamental for us to avoid activities and relationships that could conflict with the interests of the Company, create a negative reflection or compromise one’s ability to fulfill the responsibilities of his or her position.


You saw one of your coworkers reading the mail in your in-basket and the documents on your desk. There was no reason for this coworker to be reading your information. He wasn’t just glancing at the surface papers; he was paging through your documents and stopping to read certain ones. This coworker did not notice that you saw him reading your mail.


This type of conduct is not appropriate. Kohler Co. and its longstanding legacy of success has been forged by hard-working, trustworthy associates, working together in a culture of collaboration, integrity and mutual respect. When associates identify that culture becoming compromised, it is essential for them to report their concerns to their immediate supervisors.