Spa associates go beyond the call of duty.

Uncover the ways our spa associates are going above and beyond.

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Our Kohler Waters Spa team prides itself on offering innovative treatments and services in elegant state-of-the-art facilities. Now, they’re going above and beyond to provide relaxation and wellness for those who need it most.

“People dealing with cancer want a non-clinical environment where they can find inner peace and increase their emotional resiliency, yet very few spas have oncology-trained staff,” said Garrett Mersberger, Director of Wellness. “With the professional training our therapists received, we hope to be an industry leader in providing cancer patients and survivors a place to de-stress and heal.”

To receive oncology certification, each spa associate had to pass a challenging exam. Teams from Kohler Waters Spa at Burr Ridge, LODGE KOHLER and Destination Kohler underwent an intensive three-day training session to learn about issues and symptoms of various cancers and treatments, terminology and communicating with cancer patients/survivors, and products. On the final day of training, the spa therapists worked on current cancer patients, who shared their stories.

“Everything we learned throughout the training came out during the practice session with the patients,” said Nikki Miller, Manager – Operations, Kohler Waters Spa Destination Kohler. “We understood what they were talking about and going through.”

Using their new certification, the spa offers a complimentary day of relaxation to local cancer patients throughout the year. They also plan to expand treatment and service offerings for cancer patients, something the team is passionate—and now more confident—about.

“Kohler Co. has really embraced wellness both as a company and as a resort, so providing this service to people with cancer fits perfectly with that overall philosophy,” said Heidi Bulitz, Spa Therapist. “It means so much to really make a connection with each person and provide a relaxing escape from the reality of what they’re facing.”


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