Growing above and beyond.

Megan Roehl, Senior Accounting Analyst, Kohler, WI, U.S.A.

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Megan Roehl has never been one to rest on her laurels. Full of drive and curiosity, she thrives by going beyond the status quo and squeezing the most from each opportunity.

A senior accounting analyst, Megan is part of a global team that focuses on optimizing the way we work—everything from making way for what’s most important for standardization of process by eliminating nonvalue-added work to developing “agile methodology” for a new set of financial dashboards.

“Kohler is a diverse company with a diverse portfolio,” says Megan. “There are so many opportunities to learn and improve upon business strategies.”

Megan’s zest for learning and continuous improvement extends beyond her day-to-day role. Last year, she eagerly took part in a professional growth project called The Hustle, which offers associates a part-time stretch assignment to gain experience across a different Kohler business, grow their networks, and get exposure beyond their usual jobs.

“The Hustle presented so many chances to grow—to experience different ways of working, different skill sets, and just how to talk to people outside of the finance world I’m used to,” she explains.

Always looking for ways to give back, Megan chose to work with our Stewardship team for her stretch assignment. She helped to create the Kohler Assistance Disaster Plan, a project that examined the activation that occurs at Kohler in response to a natural disaster.

“It’s important to me that Kohler provides help to communities, especially in a time of need,” says Megan. “The Kohler Assistance Disaster Plan clarifies who is responsible for what when something like a hurricane happens.” The team worked to uncover any bottlenecks and increase coordination between areas including Stewardship, Customer Service, and Manufacturing.

“It was fascinating to talk to all these different groups within Kohler and learn about all the different roles they play,” adds Megan. “We all ultimately have the same goal: help customers and improve the business.”

Between a busy career, professional growth assignments, and passion projects, Megan is grateful to be able to do it all within one company.

“Having access to so many lifetime learning opportunities all in one place has been amazing. There’s never a shortage of new ways to push myself.”

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